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Insulated Ceilings for Conservatories

Our unique insulated ceilings are ideal for most existing conservatories*.

Once installed, you will actually find you make more use of your conservatory as a room to use all year round. It stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and takes less energy to heat it up.

You’ll also find it quieter, especially when its raining, plus, it also cuts out glare so you can watch TV and play video/computer games.

The installation process is relatively quick, clean and inexpensive compared to the upheaval and expense associated with an actual roof replacement.

Finished with low maintenance, easy-clean boarding, you can choose to have downlights installed if you wish. Customers often opt to change what was once a ceiling fan into a preferred light fitting.

*subject to suitability

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The process

The existing roof stays in situ and looks virtually the same from the outside.

Here you can see the layers of insulation being added before panelling and sealing takes place.